Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide

Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide
The evocative Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, as it is more colloquially remembered and still referred to as, is on a fast track to the front of the queue in the running to become one of the most bustling metropolis in all of Asia. With the pulsating energy, like an Asian New York City, the human experience is both electric and humbling at the same time. Skyscraper mall strips run along ancient twisted alleyways, where within a few steps, you feel as if you may have wondered into another dimension. The sights and sounds of ancient Saigon are alive and well in the markets full of hustle and the buzz of motorbikes and voices amidst the heavy fragrance of spices and perfumes. Yet, around the corner be careful not to walk smack bang into the front entrance of one of the world’s finest hotels. Ho Chi Minh City is an enigma that happily holds hands with the magnetism of ancient Saigon, to forge an Vietnamese experience like no other.

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