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#1 Question: How do I sign up?
Answer: Simply go to the Asian Trails Affiliate Program Sign Up Page and complete the registration form. Please make sure you have read and accepted the Asian Trails Affiliate Agreement before submitting your registration. All applications are subject to a review process before access to the Affiliate Center is granted.
#2 Question: Does it cost anything to join the Asian Trails Affiliate Program?
Answer: There are absolute NO Costs involved for you as a partner. Being an Asian Trails affiliate only has upsides, in the form of the ability to earn commissions from selling our hotels through your website. All you have to do is send the customer to Asian Trails, using links, banners or our more advanced tools, and we take care of the complete booking and payment process.
#3 Question: Can I be an Asian Trails affiliate without a website?
Answer: You must have a website before you sign up as an Asian Trails Affiliate Partner. There are many FREE friendly sites out there that could help you build your websites in just a few minutes. Exceptions to this rule can be made in the case of travel agents, but additional documentation would be required. Redirecting a URL that has no website is strictly prohibited.
#4 Question: Can I use Asian Trails travel content on my site?
Answer: Asian Trails provides affiliates with banner links, text links for use on the affiliate web sites, however, the use of any other content or modifications thereof is only allowable under the express permission of Asian Trails. Please refer to the 'Asian Trails Affiliate Agreement' for further details.
#5 Question: What are the commission rates payable to affiliates?
Answer: The commission rate is 5%. Booking departures refers to completed bookings where the customer has stayed at the hotel completed a transfer or a tour excursions.
#6 Question: How and when do I get paid?
Answer: The method of payment is by Direct Bank Transfer. You will be paid the month following the guest's departure from the hotel or when he/she completed an excursion tour. Commission payments are calculated on the first day of each month, with payments made by the 15th of the month with the minimum commission payment being US$50. If the amount of commission due is less than US$50 the balance will be carried forward until the minimum payout level is reached.
#7 Question: Does Asian Trails offers an XML feed
Answer: Absolutely ! For high volume websites, that would like to connected to our XML system, please register at Asian Trails B2B portal at www.asiantrails.com