Become a fisherman for the day

A short ride by train and local truck away from Bangkok, the world of hard-working, friendly fishermen await you.

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Become a fisherman for the day

As part of a series of new inspirational packages that reveal the authentic side of the kingdom, our Thailand team has created ‘A Day as a Fisherman’ excursion.

This enlightening full-day activity takes place just outside of Bangkok. Guests take a quick and convenient train ride, followed by a short truck journey to a seafood village, a world where friendly fishermen make a living from nature’s harvest. Guests get a hands-on experience of life around the beautiful mangroves and hidden canals. Activities include picking cockles, a tiny clam highly prized by Thai chefs, plus instruction in the creation of delicious Thai desserts.

This trip directly supports the local fishing community and makes a significant contribution to agro-tourism.

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