China’s real life Shangri-La

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China’s real life Shangri-La

A tour devised for more experienced cyclists – our adventure takes us through some of China’s most dramatic scenery.

We travel through the heart of Yunnan province, from Shangri-La to Dali. Participants will cover close to 500 km, spread over 11 days of cycling. The journey takes in dramatic mountain landscapes of dense forests, deep gorges and alpine lakes, with some trails leading to remote hillside indigenous tribe communities. To enhance the experience, we stay in local boutique accommodation along the way. Once a stop on the Silk Road trade route, Dali is one of the most historic locations in China and packed with architectural attractions such as the ancient City Walls.

This is a route that takes riders close to the clouds.

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Image: Bebali Adventures, BaliImage: Spice Roads, Bangkok, Thailand