Freedom on China’s roads

A self-drive vehicle offers the freedom of the road as we take a different approach to viewing the dramatic landscape of limestone formations in Southern China.

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Freedom on China’s roads

Get a sense of liberty and set off on a five-day journey that takes in diverse scenery. Our drive takes us through ethnic communities and past elevated rice terraces that defy gravity and cling to the hillside in neat green patterns.

Our accommodation combines unique homestays and hotels. Guided by a local expert, our route takes us past the Dong tribe’s rice terraces and into the Shui tribe’s territory of sprawling valleys.

The last days of the tour are spent in the company of the Miao people. We will reside in their traditional wooden homes and adopt their outlook on life. Handicraft experiences abound on this excursion – we even have the chance to undertake a lesson in batik painting under the masterful eye of an expert.

On our final day, the option exists to swap four wheels for two feet and enjoy invigorating hikes through some of the most amazing scenery on the planet as we trek to hillside farming communities.

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