Meeting Malaysia’s tribes

Escape to a completely different world with a stay in an indigenous tribe’s longhouse deep in the heart of the Sarawak jungle.

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Meeting Malaysia’s tribes

This outing is an adventure in the truest sense of the word! We will be guided along roads that leave the modern world behind. A journey through an abundance of greenery brings us to longhouses deep in the heart of Sarawak’s fertile rainforest. After a guided tour of the locality and a warm welcome from the village headman, it is time to get a hands-on introduction to the rich traditions of one of Borneo’s most ancient ethnic tribes.

After a night in the longhouse, we will awaken to the dawn chorus of jungle creatures serenading a new day. It is then time to set off in a four-wheel-drive vehicle to explore sublime scenery, including the 100-metres-high Selaan Waterfall. Lunch is served al fresco during this day of cultural enlightenment.

Ahead of saying farewell to our hosts, we will take a boat to a small settlement along the Selungo River. The rainforest is both the tribes’ supermarket and their pharmacy. They will give us a rich insight into the jungle’s bounty of herbs and plants that sustain and save lives. Our return to Miri concludes our adventure.

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