Weaving rural appeal in Laos

Looms and threads dominate delightful village

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Weaving rural appeal in Laos

For the ultimate insight into a self-sufficient economy, head to the small weaving village of Ban Nanyang in Luang Prabang province.

Inhabited by the ethnic Lu people, originally from Yunnan, China, this destination is famed for its cottage industry of cotton weavers. With every household owning a loom, the people of Ban Nayang continue to pass on 300 years of weaving techniques to the next generation. The cotton is grown in nearby fields and all the spinning and dyeing, including natural indigo, is home-made, hand-made and natural.

This destination is an excellent example where the preservation of handicrafts surpasses the commercial aspect of making wall hangings, scarves and clothes. Visitors can buy at source and enjoy rich interaction with the friendly locals.

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