Inspiring Indonesia

Novel solutions in abundance for any group size,
a cornucopia of incentive magnificence has reached beyond the Balinese borders. Culturally-aspiring with a
deeply-rooted sense of spirituality, Indonesia never seems to fail on its promise.


Indonesia’s sheer size alone makes it a country of great diversity – one with sublime geography, unparalleled cultural variety and destinations that can easily rival with even the most attractive tropical competitors in the world. Visitors have the option to explore fully developed urbanised cities, be immersed in the country’s culinary encounters or be dazzled by the array of distinctive dishes ranging from rice to noodles, curries, soups, grills and superbly sweet fruits.

With Bali as the ‘jewel’ in the Indonesian tourism crown, this mainly Hindu island has been on the forefront from day one as the undisputed destination for events and getting in touch with the country’s past, present and future. However, Jakarta, the capital, and Yogyakarta, home of the world’s largest Buddhist monument located on a remote hilltop in central Java, are catching up with Bali in popularity. Adventure-seekers often head to the remote jungle and unspoilt islands, teeming with wildlife and inhabited by indigenous tribal groups.


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