A Cambodia Summer Escape

Just south of Pailin’s Phnom Yat with its charismatic Buddha statue, the hardened outdoor life of rural Cambodia are etched deep in this Khmer farmer’s facial expressions. For generations, he has been the sole breadwinner for this family, living still in the house that his grandfather built with his bare hands. His ‘Gaung Baung’ turban, firmly tightened around his head, confirms his connection with the region’s traditional clothing.
Crossing into Cambodia from Thailand, or the other way around, and one cannot miss Pailin with its vast landscapes, gentle people, and the outlines of the Cardamon Mountains at the edge of the horizon. Pailin is the entrance to nearby Battambang, Cambodia’s 3rd largest city, and one of the country’s finer examples to watch life pass like it has been done for generations.

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