Full Day Silver Craftsmanship Course at Nova Art Lab

Master the first steps of jewellery making with our full day introduction of one of the most recognisable handicraft. Join a team of professional crafts(wo)men in designing a personalized silver ornament at Chiang Mai’s Art Lab to bring home with you.


Thai handicraft and Chiang Mai: both resemble the impressive beauty of Thailand and the way it captures the imagination of what skilled artisans are able to fabricate using nothing but their material knowledge and gathered skills. It is true that many visitors travel to Chiang Mai to get a taste of the cradle of Thai handicraft and with various types to choose from, picking a souvenir to bring back home often faces challenges for the guests. Renowned regions such as Sankamphaeng and Baan Tawai display the finest in umbrella and material painting, woodcarving and lacquer ware where one can see the masters at work in their shop. This weekday venture puts customers now inside the workshop as you will learn the basics in silverware manipulation and create your own piece of jewellery.




07:30 - 18:00

With plenty time in the morning to get ready, you will be picked up from your centrally-located hotel in Chiang Mai (conditions apply) to the Nova Art Lab in the heart of the ‘Rose of the North’. The team of this professionally-run art and handicraft centre, specializing in working with particularly silver, welcome you to their humble working abode at around 09:30 hrs. Comprising of both professionally-trained Thai and western design team and trainers, the day commences with an introduction of what’s in store for the coming 5 hours (the class takes 6 hours and includes a one hour break for lunch). As the classes are always small, you will be guaranteed to get personal, hands-on attention to master required techniques such as sawing, piercing, hammering, soldering and surface treatment. Collaborating with the team on site, it will be your goal to walk out the art lab with your own piece of silver jewellery as a perfect memento to your Chiang Mai stay (NB: the course excludes the cost of the material – silver in this respect. Depending on your creation, the charges for the material will have to be paid on spot by the guests. Prices per gram are around USD 2 and an average ring will use approximately USD 25 -30 in silver, depending on the current market price of silver).

Halfway through the class, a one hour break for lunch will be taken (lunch is not included) before finalizing your own design. At the end of the afternoon, you proudly can take your own creation back home with you, styled and designed the way you like it. Finally, your crafting day comes to an end with a transfer back to your booked hotel.

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