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New Video: A day in Thailand with Asian Trails, June 2014

Sawasdee kha!

Over the past months, Thailand’s social and political situation have been all over the international news. Words and images associated with our beautiful country haven’t always been an objective mirror of the every-day life for both tourists and citizens.

Last week, Asian Trails Thailand decided to produce a short video showing that the atmosphere in Thailand remains safe, friendly and welcoming. We have filmed all footage between 4 and 9 June 2014 in Bangkok and Phuket, with our own cameras. It is not a fancy promotion video, but a simple portrait of daily life in Thailand these days.

Asian Trails Team sincerely thank you for your continue support of Thailand.
Khop khun kha!

Watch the video:

One Response

  1. Ross Goddard

    Well done AT Thailand – a positive and appropriate presentation.
    In the travel industry we are the first to feel the disruption of social or political unrest.
    We are also the first industry to recover !