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Eruption of Mount Sinabung on Sumatra

Reports on the ground from our team and local authorities have seen a series of new eruptions at one of Sumatra’s active volcanoes. Having recorded numerous expulsions of dust and smoke since September 2013, Mount Sinabung’s region has been declared a no travel zone within a 7-kilometer radius from its crater.

According to local experts, the chances of seeing increased activity, resulting in seeing hot clouds and possible lava flowing along its slopes, are possible yet have not been confirmed yet. Direct communication between Asian Trails Indonesia, its suppliers and the authorities on spot have confirmed that there isn’t any structural damage in the vicinity or any of its visitors or residents have sustained injury from the increased activity. Visits to the various tourism sites and accommodation providers have reported that things are running normal and no travel warning have been released with the exception of the 7-kilometer perimeter.

One of the main destinations – Berastagi, the starting point for tours to Medan and Lake Toba – states that none of their operations are affected by Mount Sinabung’s increased rumbling. This popular town lies around 22 kilometers away from the crater.