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Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised back to highest level

There have been some serious changes reported at Mt. Agung over the last 24 hours as it changed from a phreatic to a magmatic eruption. Activity in the mountain continues to build up as the crater is filling up with lava. It can be expected that it will flow over the sides of the crater once it has filled up. The eruption is accompanied by a continuous thick ash column reaching to the maximum height of 3400 metres from the peak.

Bali International Airport as well as Lombok Airport are now closed until further notice due to the accumulation of ash clouds at higher altitudes. A new update by airport authorities will be given at 7AM on 28 November at the earliest. All affected clients are informed on spot and we assist them as much as possible. Our reservation staff informs the respective partners directly of any amendments.

The status of the volcano has been increased back to level 4 (out of 4) at 6AM local time and safety parameter have been increased back to 10-12 kilometer around the crater rim. Life goes on as usual outside these areas, as there is little sign of volcanic ash in the southern and western parts of the island.

All activities operate normally with the exception tours/excursions/activities within the safety parameter (visits to the famous Besakih Temple and Mount Agung Trekking). Further, the area around Ahmed has been closed. We therefore re-arrange the itineraries accordingly. All affected guests and agents have been informed.

Asian Trails Indonesia will monitor the situation closely and will inform you immediately of any change. Please be careful about various (hoax) media reports which tend to dramatize the actual situation.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at or at +62 (0) 361 285 771 during office hours or our 24/7 hotline outside of office hours at +62 (0) 811 386 9377.

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