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Exquisite Experiences – An Asian Trails and AMAN culinary exploration

Through a fine blend of immaculate product design, superior service and the final ingredient of authentic local cuisine, Asian Trails and AMAN have combined forces to offer guests a melting pot of unique street food dining experiences, served up in some of Asia’s most exciting landmark settings.

With no compromises on authenticity, we ensure our guests will get a taste of genuine local food so they can truly eat like a native resident. Our team’s specialist home-grown knowledge has been put to the culinary test and they have found food with a difference that only locals know how to produce.

This exploration is all about exciting flavourful food served up by local people in a sociable environment, be it a hawker stall, an impromptu food space created on the sidewalk, or from the back of a mobile kitchen on the back of a motorbike-sidecar. We give our guests an enjoyable insight into a wealth of different regional cooking styles created al fresco – a unique experience they can take home and share with friends and family.

An experience that matches the demand of the most discerned traveller in search for that authentic, culinary experience is now available by clicking on this link. For a hard copy of Exquisite Experiences, meet our team at one of the leading trade shows across the globe.

Bon Appétit!

AMAN and Asian Trails