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The situation around Mount Agung | Frequently Asked Questions

Dear friends and business partners

The situation around Mount Agung on Bali has kept us occupied since September 2017. Although the activity of Gunung Agung has decreased over the last weeks the alert level remains on level IV. The radius which is not accessible has been reduced to a 6km radius (previously 10-12km).

We can reconfirm that Bali remains safe and it is very much business as usual on the island. Nevertheless we continuously monitor with local authorities, on-the-spot experts, and via various online channels and will inform you immediately should the situation change.

As we continue to receive numerous questions from partners about the situation we therefore have prepared the below FAQ in trying to answer all your questions in relation to Gunung Agung.

Kind regards

Björn Schimanski

Managing Director


How can I monitor the situation?
Asian Trails Indonesia regularly informs all partners about the situation of Mount Agung via its monthly newsletter. In case of an eruption and/or any airport closure, Asian Trails Indonesia will inform all partners immediately and will contact all clients on spot.

Alternative sources to gain information about the latest are MAGMA Indonesia, the Facebook Community “Mount Agung Daily Report” or view the Live Stream of Mount Agung on YouTube. Furthermore, the Bali Tourism Board has prepared an explanatory video which is quite useful.


Which area around Mount Agung is currently closed?
The local authorities have set a safety parameter around the crater rim depending on the direction. A map of the exact safety parameter is available here via Google Maps. (best viewed in Internet Explorer)


How can I contact Asian Trails Indonesia?
During office hours (9AM | 09:00 hrs to 6PM | 18:00 hrs during weekdays), you can contact our reservation team via email (, by phone +62 (361) 285 771 or WhatsApp service line +62 (0) 895 353 968 295 (during office hours). Outside of office hours and weekends/public holidays, please contact our emergency number at +62 (0) 811 386 9377.


What kind of assistance will Asian Trails Indonesia provide to affected clients on spot in case the volcano erupts?
Clients should contact either their local representative (contact details mentioned in welcome kit), our service line +62 (0) 895 353 968 295 (during office hours) or the emergency number in case they need assistance. We have our customer service manager, local and airport representatives at Bali International Airport available for all our guests.


What kind of assistance will Asian Trails Indonesia provide to clients with cancelled flights?
For departing clients, we will provide assistance in re-arranging booked transfers, help to get in contact with airline offices, the consulate and assist in finding accommodation, when needed. For arriving clients, we help to re-arrange itineraries and arrival transfers, cancel unused rooms if Asian Trails Indonesia is notified by agent. We will provide assistance to re-book flights in line with airline policies.


How can I re-book services in case the original flight was cancelled due to airport closure?
Agents are requested to contact our reservation team during office hours or emergency phone outside office hours, in case services require to be re-arranged in line with arriving flights. Clients on spot should contact their local representative or emergency phone if services need to be re-arranged.


Which cancellation fee/policies applies?
In general, normal cancellation policy applies if tours, flights and hotels operate according to schedule. However, certain Bali and Lombok hotels offer special cancellation policies or so-called ‘airport closure benefits’ (i.e. free nights or discounted rates). Kindly contact our reservation team if you would like to book a hotel who agreed to offer flexible cancellation policies and airport closure benefits.


Clients would like to book a trip but are scared to travel. What can I offer them?
Only a small area around Mount Agung’s crater is affected. All main areas on Bali and other islands in Indonesia including Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Flores, Sumba and Papua are accessible without any restrictions. If customers still want to stay on Bali, we recommend offering hotels with either very flexible cancellation policies or/and airport closure free night or discounted rates for departing in-house guests. Please contact our reservation team for more information and recommendations.


Who will pay for additional expenses caused by volcano eruption?
Volcanic eruptions fall under the force majeure clause. Therefore Asian Trails Indonesia cannot pay for additional expenses. Tour operators or travel agencies wishing to pay for their clients additional expenses should advise us and we will arrange and pay according to your instructions and invoice accordingly.