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A CEO Message: Your support has been amazing!

Dear friends,

I am sorry to inform you there will be no CEO Story for this edition of Trailblazer.

As many of you may know, I had a ski accident early March and spent the last two months in hospitals and in a rehabilitation clinic. While my injury is not life threatening and I am back on my two feet with crutches and, hopefully, ready for action in the very near future, I have no exciting travel story to share with you this month.

My stories are always freshly written, and I don’t keep any on file as I always want to give you the latest news on my beloved Asia.

Instead I would like to thank all of you for your incredible support during these past two months. I am truly touched by all your personal emails, your good wishes, your hospital visits and your encouragement. I always knew I wanted to be in a business where personal contacts matter the most, and where travel is the key ingredient. The difficult times I underwent recently made me reflect on the past and confirm that I am indeed at the right place.

Stay tuned for more of my travel stories in the months to come.