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Update on Bali speedboats and Lombok’s Mount Rinjani closure

Please find below the latest update on speedboat transfers between Bali & Lombok and also the closure of Mount Rinjani following last weekend’s earthquake.

Speedboat Transfers
We regret to inform you that speedboat transfers between Bali and Lombok are still affected by bad sea conditions with all operations currently suspended. There has been a limited operation which ran on the 31st July and 1st August, however the sea conditions have since worsened, resulting in the authorities cancelling all crossings until Monday, 6th August.

Flights remain an option; however there are very limited seats available on direct flights to and from Bali. Some flights routing through Jakarta also remain available.

Because of potential discomfort, long transport times and the likelihood of delays, we are not recommending local ferries at this time unless no other option exists.

Travelers who are currently on the island of Bali are advised to stay there until conditions change. We are working hard to arrange departure for Bali by plane or ferry for those currently in Lombok.

As we continue to look into solutions and alternative travel itineraries on a case by case basis, your Travel Consultant will be in touch about clients affected on the ground and will update overseas partners accordingly.

Asian Trails will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Lombok’s Mount Rinjani
Following last weekend’s earthquake which resulted in major landslides on Mount Rinjani, trekking the volcano remains closed until further notice, with many of the guests housed in surrounding villages also closed as they make minor repairs to the damaged that was caused to their properties.

We will update you once Rinjani opens up to tourist, wishing to partake in trekking the volcano.