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New tremous shake Indonesia’s Lombok

Following the earthquakes which started to hit Lombok on the 29th July 2018 a number of strong tremors were felt yesterday on the island of Lombok once again yesterday night. A 6.3 magnitude hit at around 12:30PM Sunday afternoon, followed by 6.9 magnitude quake at around 11PM.

These were followed by a number of small aftershocks which continued through the night and into Monday morning. The epicentre of the earthquakes was once again in the Northeast of Lombok and was felt throughout the island and also on Bali where no damage was reported.

So far there has been two causalities, landslides in and around Mount Rinjani and some further damage to buildings that were previously damaged. With the current information we have we do not believe that these quakes resulted in any further damage to the island.

Although we have no more guests in the affected areas we are in contact with hotels, suppliers and our local office in Lombok to get more information and will update you accordingly if there is any further information to report.

For all upcoming books to Lombok please contact your Asian Trails representative who will be happy to discuss and advise on a case by case basis.