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Indonesia government reviewing proposal to close Komodo by 2020

There have been some recent reports in the media centred on the closure of Komodo Island in 2020, and Asian Trails Indonesia would like to inform you of the current situation to ensure that you and your clients are well informed. Currently plans are very much in the discussion stages and no decision has been made as to whether this will actually come into effect. Discussions are ongoing and a decision is likely to be made towards the end of this year or beginning of next year.

If a decision is made to close Komodo Island this will only affect visits to the island itself, with the rest of the national park to remain fully open to the public to enjoy. Komodo Island is one of two islands where Komodo Dragons can be found the other being Rinca Island. Rinca Island is the smaller of the two and sightings of Komodo dragons as well as other wildlife are common here than Komodo and the trekking options on Rinca offer more varied trekking routes, making the overall experience on Rinca to in many case be considered a more rewarding experience than Komodo Island itself.

Therefore we would like to communicate with you and your clients that there is no cause for any concern and that Flores/Komodo will continue to offer the same amazing experience, even if the decision is made to close Komodo Island.

We look forward to welcoming your clients to Flores/Komodo in near future.

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