Asian Trails is all about its people and its zest to excel in delivering the very finest in destination
management services. Since opening our doors at the end of the 20th century, we constantly practice what we preach.

What made us who we are Today

Founded by Luzi Matzig, today’s Chairman and co-founded by Asian Trails’ CEO, Laurent Kuenzle, Asian Trails commenced its operations on 9 September, 1999, a prestigious date according to the Buddhist calendar. From our humble beginnings, the vision of blazing new paths in travel has been one of the main cornerstones in our daily operations.

Over the years, Asian Trails successfully maintained a business formula that can respond to the needs of our clientele using the best of local creative talent under the guidance of passionate, hands-on directors and managers. We believe that our entrepreneurial personnel are the heart of this tremendous success, the DNA of Asian Trails, since its inception.

Our History


Asian Trails Founded

Luzi Matzig establishes Asian Trails in Thailand


Office Network

Asian Trails sets up its office network throughout Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia


Location Expansion

Asian Trails opens branch offices in Phuket, Khao Lak and Samui


Booking System

All Asian Trails companies operate on the PAXYS 2000 passenger handling system


Asian Trails Holdings

Asian Trails Holding is established in Gibraltar



Asian Trails becomes an official IATA-accredited agent


Kuoni Travel

Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. becomes Asian Trails’ Partner


Venture in Laos

Asian Trails completes its joint venture in Laos


Operations in China

Asian Trails commences inbound operations in China


B2B and XML Links

Asian Trails launches its B2B and XML Links



Asian Trails launches Passion software


Thomas Cook India Ltd

Thomas Cook India Ltd, a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Canada acquires ownership of Asian Trails Holding with Luzi Matzig and Laurent Kuenzle


Travelife Partner

Asian Trails Vietnam is the first office in the Asian Trails Group to be officially accredited as a Travelife Partner

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