With a coastline of 3000 kilometres long, the varied biodiversity in combination with an invigorating selection of cities that includes extraordinary
experiences from North to South is truly amazing.


From Phu Quoc to Sapa and everything in between, Vietnam casts an intangible atmosphere of sheer magnificence. Hugging its Eastern and South East Asian counter parts on the north and west, its eastern coast line all way to the Mekong Delta form a delightful envelope of cultural landmarks, stunning beaches and Mother Nature’s finest examples of flora and fauna. Don’t forget to indulge in the gastronomical flavours while you’re here – it’s simply makes Vietnam a destination of irresistible charm.

Why Vietnam...

Uniquely addictive – from the hill tribes in the north, the elongated coast line with plenty of places to put your beach chair in a horizontal position to the aquatic marvels of the Mekong, way down south. And in between, you have thriving cities, wobbly roads and untrodden paths moving into valleys and crossing mountain passes and all this is intertwined with diversity, history and the smells and tastes of its fabulous kitchen.

From French influences to ancient Chinese temples, Vietnam seems to go on and on when seeking travel confirmation.


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