A Visual Journey through our Asia

Asian Trails’ tailored journeys are perennial memoires for many of our clients: our attention to ensconce explorers wherever they want to go has been our award-winning concept.
Our videos just reveal the tip of the iceberg, unveiling much more when traveling with us.

Our Videos

Created to entice explorers from across the globe to the world of Asian Trails, our videos are a
story of visually translating what our Asia has in store.

Crafted to showcase the diversity of each of the destinations we operate in, let us guide you through what makes this part of the world so unique and rich in experiences.  From the sandy shores to the highest mountains, let us take you on a journey.


Known for the fabled temples of Angkor near Siem Reap, exceptional monuments unrivalled in grandeur anywhere else in Asia.

The charismatic capital of Phnom Penh with its smart riverside promenade and French architecture; and the island beach resorts off Sihanoukville – Cambodia offers immense opportunities for those seeking history, heritage and holidays.


Splendidly diverse in its range of natural splendours and man-made attractions China is a true land of contrasts, with vast deserts in the north and tropical island beaches in the south.

The fourth largest country in the world also has abundant historical attractions, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army.


Spin a globe to where the Indian and Pacific oceans meet and you will find the world’s largest island nation of Indonesia – scattered like stepping stones between Singapore and Australia.

It spans 17,508 islands and counting – new ones are constantly being discovered – and they come in every shape and size. Highlights include scuba diving in Bali – one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations, viewing wildlife in the jungles and venturing up volcanos.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a prosperous metropolis where influences from the East and West have blended to produce one of the most vibrant destinations on earth.

The island consists of a towering business district and iconic Victoria Harbour, framed by a mountainous backdrop. Visitors can browse traditional markets and modern malls, walk countryside trails on outlying islands and witness traditional culture in one of the world’s leading financial hubs.


The ‘land of a million elephants’ offers rugged mountainous terrain, quaint French colonial towns, glittering Buddhist stupas and a sparsely populated landscape that is home to abundant wildlife.

While rapid development has transformed neighbouring countries, Laos provides visitors with a unique insight into a forgotten Asia.


Malaysia’s multi-cultural influences and geographical diversity spread across the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo guarantees unique leisure experiences.

The country is renowned for its tropical islands, dense rainforests, national parks with extensive wildlife and modern and progressive cities, such as the capital Kuala Lumpur.


The largest country in mainland South-East Asia, stretching over 2,100 km from the north, close to the foothills of the Himalayan range between Yunnan and Assam, to the south, alongside the Andaman Sea with a scattering of tropical islands.

Myanmar’s vast territory and diverse climate offers multiple leisure opportunities.


Idyllic tropical islands, mist-covered mountains, rolling central plains, spicy cuisine and rich cultural sites make Thailand a feast for the senses.

As Asia’s premier holiday destination, tourists have a wealth of leisure options, be it soaking rays on a beach, diving over colourful corals, playing on a championship golf course, or exploring heritage attractions such as the Grand Palace.


Vietnam offers diverse tourism experiences be it lounging on tropical Phu Quoc island, exploration of dense rainforests, trekking Sapa’s mountains, or cruising the Mekong Delta’s waterways.

The capital Hanoi contains the historic quarter, Ho Chi Minh City blends French colonial architecture with futuristic skyscrapers and Halong Bay showcases one of the country’s greatest natural wonders.

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