What is there not to love about Myanmar? An unspoiled,
historical destination on South East Asia, blessed with a cornucopia of architecture, history and authenticity.
Looking for an awe-inspiring destination, do not look any further…


Fertile lands, regions extremely rich in culture and a destination that slowly crawls out of the shadow of some of its larger tourism neighbours, ‘Golden Land’ Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is changing day-by-day with new and endless compelling experiences. The country still offers plenty of stepping-back-in-time opportunities which are giving the country a sense of adventure and pureness. Visitors will be amazed by the standard of the accommodation, the variety of travel options and as always, continue to be drawn to one of its strongest feats: its people.

Why Myanmar...

Yangon’s and Mandalay’s spiritual connection, the breathtaking plains of Bagan and the quietness of Inle’s lake waters – four extraordinary travel destinations, enveloping the essence of Myanmar for the Asian travel-minded. Travel further and one is engulfed in authenticity, the pureness of each individual state, an almost juxtaposition with the thriving, beating hearts where the majority of the country’s visitors will find their travel needs satisfied.

Add to this its pristine beaches between Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, followed by the simply unmatched beauty of the Mergui Archipelago and a picture of unseen paradise rises into one’s mind.


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