Growing in popularity for its laid-back nature, this landlocked
paradise offers more than meets the eye: from its colonial and religious heritage to more nature one can ever imagine,
Laos comes as pure as a destination can come.


The Land of the Million Elephants is a serene treat for the senses. Blessed with vast regions of untouched jungle, mountain ranges and following the contours of the Mekong River from Thailand to Cambodia, Laos is an example of how a country, retaining its heritage and strong belief to hold on to its cultural treasures. With UNESCO-protected Luang Prabang taking centre stage, it is the surrounding with a cornucopia of ethnic minorities where Laos authentically shines the brightest.

Why Laos...

Purity, spiritual and portraying the slower side of Asia, Laos tends to elevate all senses to new heights. Traveling across this landlocked marvel of nature, hospitable people and finding yourself often lost, away from the western influences, the country is situated among Thailand and its Indochina neighbours, making it a perfect stop for a multi-country itinerary.

From the deep south of the Champasak province up until Muang La and the Chinese border, fabled Laos has all ingredients to leave an unforgettable impression.


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