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Things change fast in the travel world.
With new products constantly emerging and news from across the region mushrooming almost daily, it is hard to keep up.
Fortunately, Asian Trails stays abreast of the latest developments to keep its finger on the ever-shifting pulse.

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When Asian Trails’ CEO Laurent Kuenzle asked me to write the next article in the CEO story series, I felt both thrilled and proud.…

For the ultimate insight into one of the world’s most vibrant ethnic enclaves, our Singapore team has designed a walking tour in Chinatown.

As part of ongoing support to the less fortunate during these difficult times, our Vietnam team is focusing on the promotion of tours that…

The rapid expansion of Bangkok’s rail infrastructure has been enhanced with a new central terminus that holds the title of South-East Asia’s largest transportation…

An outing beyond Phuket’s alluring beaches enables tourists to see another, more authentic, side of Thailand’s most popular holiday island.

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