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Things change fast in the travel world.
With new products constantly emerging and news from across the region mushrooming almost daily, it is hard to keep up.
Fortunately, Asian Trails stays abreast of the latest developments to keep its finger on the ever-shifting pulse.

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Thailand has opened to tourists from 63 countries without quarantine restrictions under the new Test & Go Program. Travellers still need to prepare for…

The balance between protecting Laos’ natural resources and giving locals the right to make a living has been the basis for many ecotourism projects…

A new cruise programme on the Yangtze River in China has expanded travel options for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers.

One of the most beneficial charity projects instilled by Asian Trails Vietnam saw a large amount of clothing, books and toys being transported to…

Providing the ultimate outdoor adventure experience, Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah is Malaysia’s largest wildlife reserve.

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