Responsible Travel

Our ESTEEM principles

Asian Trails aims to deliver superior travel services that maximise the positive impacts of tourism while minimising negative impacts. We do this by putting into practice our six ESTEEM principles. These values provide us with a clear framework to holistically incorporate more sustainable travel into our tours and excursions.


Support small communities and the environment by dining at locally owned eateries with locally sourced food on the menu.


Choose environmentally-friendly accommodation that benefits host communities.


Travel in vehicles with low-carbon emissions, such as electric cars and trains, and use shared public transport services.


Participate in cultural learning activities that engage with and support local people.


Contribute to grassroots development by visiting community-based tourism projects.


Make a
Visit sites that invest in communities and the environment, such as vocational training restaurants and ethical animal sanctuaries.
Making responsible travel

Asian Trails believes all travel can be delivered more sustainably. Therefore, we make a concerted effort to incorporate cost-effective and responsible tourism approaches into every aspect of our operations. To help our clients make more informed decisions about their travel impacts, we have developed a series of Explore Guides to showcase our best experiences across Asia, all of which promote positive social and environmental outcomes without drastically increasing travel costs.

Stay tuned for the roll-out of our other destinations throughout 2024.


We work closely with our supply chain partners to ensure that all of our products and services incorporate the values outlined by our ESTEEM principles wherever possible. Our Sustainable Trails are the ones that most strongly reflect these responsible travel standards.

Our team

Sustainability is something we embrace as part of our company’s culture. Every Asian Trails team member in every Asian Trails office plays a role in making travel more sustainable. Our efforts are led by our Group Sustainability Manager and our Sustainability Coordinators in each of our destination countries.

& policies

Our annual sustainability reports and policies outline how we promote sustainability within our team, throughout the supply chain and to our clients. They also showcase some best practice sustainable travel examples that we hope will become more mainstream.

Sustainability Report 2023

This annual report details how we conduct business with a sense of responsibility in all of our destinations.

Animal Welfare Policy

This document outlines the policies and standards that inform the way we conduct excursions involving animals.

Responsible travel news
Our partners

Making travel better for local people and the environment takes time and we cannot do it alone. Partnering with the following organisations helps us achieve our own goals and contribute to wider collective sustainable tourism development in all our destinations:

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