Responsible Travel

Travel is an emotional experience, cherishing new corners and venture into unknown landscapes.
Respecting this and giving back to society has taken an important role in our endeavours in leaving only footprints and taking only memories.


The concept of sustainability and the responsibilities that come with it has always been on the forefront of our operations throughout all our Asian Trails destinations.

Practices that have stood at the cradle of our inception; practices that have been interwoven in our operations and also are pushed forward to our partners and within the Asian Trails community – it is without this strong sense of responsibility and commitment not only with our eyes peeled towards exceeding expectations. It is also our obligation to maintain our stride for respecting cultural heritage and the biodiversity in all the countries we are present.

We are fully committed to operate with the future in mind: we are committed to present something authentic for generations to come and we feel very much inspired with what is our playing ground in respecting the community, the natural splendour and the historical marvels in our Asia.

Asian Trails has internally set strict guidelines to respect the overall well-being of Asian tourism where we follow pre-defined practices for tourism longevity. This on-going process requires training, setting up guidelines for our staff, guides, drivers, suppliers and executives to honour this mission and ingrain the importance of responsible travel further into our DNA.


Travelife has set out a clear direction providing stringent guidelines for the travel industry for the betterment of our industry. Supported by national tourism offices, international travel associations and governments, Asian Trails fully supports the philosophy behind Travelife and its goal in guiding respectable travel companies to a sustainable means of operation.
From CSR-related projects, community-based-tourism initiatives to minimizing the carbon footprint in our daily work, these principles wholeheartedly fulfil our mission in following accredited standards for travel and hospitality industry as outlined by Travelife.
With many countries under the Asian Trails umbrella taking part in obtaining these global standards, we are confident that supporting Travelife and binding by its guidelines will reap benefits for all concerned and stay true to our responsibility for a better Asia.

Our Responsible Trails

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