Although small in size, Singapore has emerged as the beating heart
for its fast-moving pace toward the future, but not forgetting its heritage. A pulsating destination,
eagerly showing discerned travel connoisseurs it multicultural colours and flavours.


The Lion City has gone beyond being labelled as that Little Red Dot on the world map. Its cosmopolitan vibe has been lauded by those who have smelled, tasted and felt the experience that is called Singapore. Its vibrancy does not stop with popular hang-out spots, family-filled fun and the ample shopping opportunities – it is that tight connection to its nostalgic, historical past that made Singapore such an Asian-instilled tourism treat.

Why Singapore...

More than just an economic powerhouse in Asia, the city state’s wonderful variety of regions that fuel wanderlust, capture its heterogenic character are amongst its unique selling points. When traveling through its well-oiled centre, quarters such as Little India, Chinatown, and the numerous streets, bustling with life and a ‘joie de vivre’-feeling, one feels that the Lion City has progressed rapidly in a positive, green direction.

Its roots remain firmly connected to its British colonial times with remnants of its still thriving in the country’s current trade and commerce environment.


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