With over 17.000 islands to explore, it is one of these countries
that offer truly everything under the sun: from wild and unchartered possibilities to targeted,
bespoke experience for every budget to create that ultimate Indonesian journey.


Its mere size alone makes Indonesia one diverse destination when seeking a sublime geography, unparalleled cultural variety and destinations that easily can compete with the most tropical competitors worldwide. Visitors can opt not only for highly urbanized cities but also have the choice of being fully immersed in the country’s natural encounters. With Bali as the jewel in the tourism crown, this island has been on the forefront from day one as the undisputed destination for finding everything under the sun.

Why Indonesia...

Planes, trains, boats and automobiles – exploring Indonesia is gaining access to numerous modes of transport for exhilarating views and awe-inspiring landscape, stretched over countless islands and islets. Even when horse-back riding or using your own two feet are put high on your travel agenda, Indonesia’s countable corners invite avid travelers to find them over and over again in disbelief of what lies around the next bend.

The country’s epicentre for visitors – Bali – turns slowly into a travel hub as the base for broadening the horizon for even repeating visitors.


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