Hong Kong

Nobody is really prepared for the uniqueness of Hong Kong; teeming with history from the time,
the British ruled supreme, this autonomous territory of China constantly moves in 5th gear,
but with tightly knitted to its Chinese ancestry, it’s a surprisingly fun-filled destination for all ages.


Located in the Southeast of China, the sovereign territory Hong Kong has gained name and fame as a business-orientated hub with impressive skyscrapers and great shopping for those with urban inclination…but that is not all. If one could define the perfect stop-over destination, Hong Kong’s alluring landscape of culture, religion and that ever-present scent of the Far East are key elements of its ongoing popularity that strengthen its position in Asian tourism.

Why Hong Kong

An autonomous region within Greater China with a diversity that has grown further than its Kowloon and Hong Kong Island popularity – Hong Kong dazzles visitors when treading new paths away from Victoria Harbour. Family fun, immersions in the local side or hike to hidden beaches are merely some of the travel opportunities that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong.

If that is not enough, head to Macau, merely a short (boat) ride to wander along Portuguese heritage and an excellent Asian example of Bright Lights, Big City.


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