Asian Trails Indonesia receives a sacred blessing

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Asian Trails Indonesia receives a sacred blessing

As we gear up for the peak travel season in Indonesia, we continue with our meticulous preparations to ensure exceptional service for our customers. Our preparations go beyond logistics, however, as we recently performed a sacred ceremony to mark the longevity of our business. The ceremony was in keeping with long-held traditions in Bali, the location of our Indonesian head office and a profoundly spiritual place.

While we often perform smaller ceremonies at our office, we felt, on this occasion, a grander event was needed, particularly after the challenges of the pandemic and the remarkable rebound that followed. Therefore, we held a Caru Rsi Gana on Piodalan, a rare and important custom performed only once every couple of decades. The last time we performed this ceremony was 23 years ago when we established Asian Trails Indonesia.

Ahead of the event, a revered Hindu priest selected the most auspicious date according to the complex Hindu calendar. Then members of our team embarked on a pilgrimage to six sacred temples across Bali to make offerings, pray and collect blessed water which would play an important role in the actual ceremony.

At dawn on the ceremonial day, our team members performed traditional dances that embody grace and elegance and we listened to chants and prayers led by two Hindu priests. The event culminated in a communal feast of babi guling, the renowned Balinese suckling pig – what better way to conclude such a momentous occasion than with a shared meal?

According to Balinese belief, this ceremony not only ensures a successful high season but also promises smooth operations for the next 23 years. With such blessings secured, we eagerly look forward to working closely with you and welcoming your guests with the highest quality of service over the coming weeks, months and years.

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