Mine of attractions in Malaysia

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Mine of attractions in Malaysia

A multi-destination, three-day tour that combines the heritage town of Sungai Lembing with beachside Cherating in the state of Pahang offers a true taste of authentic Malaysia. Pahang is a sparsely populated region with ancient rainforests, national parks, huge lakes and mountain ranges.

Guests are delivered a true Malaysian experience with exploration of areas off the beaten track. The itinerary includes an insight into the tin mining trade and a stay along a pristine coast free from mass tourism development.

Although the two destinations are only 70-km apart, they offer contrasting attractions. Once a booming tin mining hub, Sungai Lembing fell into decay when global tin prices collapsed. Through government investment, it has since enjoyed a rebirth and visitors can observe the golden age of tin exploration in a museum focused on the 1900s, when people came from afar to make their fortunes from subterranean metal deposits.

The mines were among the longest and deepest on Earth and their reserves made Sungai Lembing the richest town in Malaysia. The tunnel network stretched over 300-km and 700-metres deep. Visitors can get a scale of previous operations with a visit to a mine that was once the largest in the world.

Nature supplants industrial heritage on day two as an off-road adventure leads to deep caves and the aptly named Rainbow Waterfall. The final day offers serenity in sleepy Cherating. Besides lounging on the sweeping white sands bordered by coconut palms, options include the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary where visitors can help with the release of hatchlings. There is also the option to try handicrafts at the Pandanus Weaving Centre.

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