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New: Balinese Village Retreat

Nestled amid a landscape of rice terraces, cascading waterfalls and sacred temples, Kaura Bali is a new, immersive village experience in the heart of East Bali. The property was developed in direct collaboration with the Manggis village community to ensure guests enjoy a truly authentic, immersive and memorable stay.

Surrounded by jungle-clad hills, the eco-friendly retreat captures the essence of Balinese life and culture. The tented pavilions open up to stunning valley views and the resort’s community centre acts as a cultural bridge where guests can learn about village crafts and agricultural life. Guests can also get involved in community-led activities such as an immersive village walk, a traditional cooking class or hands-on farming practices.

A traditional rice farming region, Manggis is located on the less developed eastern coast of Bali. The region provides a window into the life of Indonesian farmers who engage in organic and sustainable food production using methods developed and refined over centuries.

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