Spirituality and sustenance served up in Bali

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Spirituality and sustenance served up in Bali

Combining spirituality and sustenance, a new Asian Trails’ excursion gives an insight into Bali’s ancient temples and traditional food history. Guests are transported back in time to learn the origins of Balinese Hinduism and also taste babi guling – otherwise known as suckling pig.The day starts with a short lecture on Balinese culture and heritage, delivered in a private house set amid lush rice fields. This is followed by the preparation of a suckling pig. The meat is stuffed with abundant spices, including turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, black pepper and garlic.

It is then spit-roasted for several hours. While the pig is slowly being cooked, guests visit three heritage temples and monuments that provide an awareness of the development of the island’s spirituality. Imbued with historical knowledge, guests then enjoy the babi guling – the most famous of all Balinese dishes and one that is only found on the ‘island of the gods.’

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