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Supplying the source of life

Asian Trails’ CEO Laurent Kuenzle recently attended a water donation near the temples of Bagan in one of Myanmar’s most drought-prone regions. Although residents in Zee O village can access well water, the quality is poor, so as part of our CSR activities we regularly supply potable water from a tanker. This raises the quality of life as locals face a long trip by ox cart to source reservoir supplies.

The donation is overseen by our Bagan branch office manager Sai Wunna. Rural Zee O lies on a dusty, arid plain, with perennial water shortages outside of the monsoon season from mid-May to late October.

Laurent said: “Most people take water for granted and just turn on a tap. Being part of a water donation and seeing villagers taking care and thanking us for this precious commodity humbles me.”


Please contact us if you want to help with donations and our Myanmar country team will facilitate the aid.

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