Taste of France in mountainous China

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Taste of France in mountainous China

For a culinary adventure in the Cangshan Mountain region in south-west China, we take guests to a unique restaurant that blends Mediterranean and Chinese influences.

The venue is Panqu Paladar, a private eatery named after a paladar, an underground restaurant popular in Cuban homes. Our host is Gil, a former French journalist turned chef, who is an expert in fusing European and Chinese cuisine. The bespoke dining experience is served up in Casabai, Gil’s rustic Bai farmhouse nestled in Panqu village, 8 km from Dali old town. The menu follows the seasons, with the use of fresh ingredients sourced at local markets.

A sitting usually includes ten dishes, starting with Spanish-style tapas, followed by traditional French classics, some culinary creations with Asian influences and ending with Spanish paella. Our team can also organise a wild picnic enjoyed on the rugged mountain slopes overlooking Dai Lake.

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