Thailand eases visa process for Chinese visitors

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Thailand eases visa process for Chinese visitors

Thailand has streamlined the visa application process, making it easier for visitors from China to travel to the kingdom. Chinese tourists now need just six documents for the visa application, namely:

  • Copy of passport
  • Recent photograph
  • Flight or travel booking confirmation
  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand
  • Document indicating current residency; and
  • Bank statement or proof of finances.

These new requirements will shorten the visa approval time from 14 working days to seven working days. Thai authorities are also in the process of developing a more robust verification system, which will further accelerate the processing time.

These visa application changes are made in a bid to attract more foreign visitors. Thailand welcomed 15.89 million tourist arrivals from January to early August and is expected to meet the target of 25 million foreign tourists by the end of the year. Last week alone, Thailand welcomed 95,581 tourists from China.

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