Waste warriors safeguard China’s Great Wall

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Waste warriors safeguard China’s Great Wall

Tourists on a new Asian Trails’ excursion can become waste warriors as they clean up trash along the mountainous Jinshanling part of the Great Wall.

This segment of the sprawling UNESCO-listed fortification is one of the least visited areas and is susceptible to indiscriminate littering. To remedy this and maintain the site’s aesthetic appeal, our Beijing team has linked up with not-for-profit institution AOBAG to provide hikers with refuse bags. This altruistic activity doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the tour, as an expert guide shares anecdotes about Jinshanling, which dates back to 1368 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty era.

Situated 130 km north-east of Beijing, this is one of the best-preserved sections and it features the Wall’s most spectacular panorama.

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