Asian Trails’ success has been, and always will be, personified by its people; our ambassadors of blazing new paths in travel.
With decades of experience and the mutual passion we share for our Asia, it is our executive team that leads by example.

Decades of experience, and all extremely passionate about travel in Asia, every member of the Asian Trails family has added value in bringing the person up front. We consider our industry a very much human-touch industry, supported by technology to drive your business into new directions.

Ongoing investments in training and inspections form an integral part of our endeavours to keep our team on par inside an ever-changing climate, yet with a deeply-rooted feeling of personalized advice for all what we do.

  • Luzi Matzig
    Luzi Matzig Chairman

    The founder of Asian Trails and the brainchild behind the success of the company’s growth since its inception in 1999 have been the cradle of his interest in expanding his entrepreneurial drive into other sectors in the Asian travel industry. Having taken a slight step back in the daily operations of Asian Trails Ltd, he is still involved in strategically placing the company with its eyes towards the future.

    A passionate pilot and, currently, sharing his decades of travel experience for the betterment of Asian tourism, Luzi’s endeavours to provide sustainable means to drive his businesses to new heights are now moving like a red thread through his core commercial values.

  • Laurent Kuenzle
    Laurent Kuenzle Chief Executive Officer

    Calling Asia his beloved home for decades, Laurent prefers to call himself ‘a citizen of the world’ in the broader sense of the definition. His true passion lies with everything that is related to travel and finding new ways, paths and mountains to conquer in seeking means to find and cross into new frontiers.

    His hunger for exploration has brought him into the furthest corners of Asia, aside being a gifted entrepreneur with a human touch. Under his guidance, he has elevated the definition of Blazing New Paths in Travel to new heights and continues on his quest to show our customers the finest of what Asia has to offer.

  • Marcel Grifoll Chief Financial Officer

    Multilingual and with a keen interest in learning more about other cultures and countries, Marcel caught the travel bug from an early age. That wanderlust combined with his passion for finance and emerging markets were some of the reasons he has taken the opportunity to study, work and live across several countries in the past 15 years.

    He has been working for more than five years across Asia, where through various senior management roles he has further expanded his intercultural, finance and leadership skills. Marcel also is an avid sportsperson who enjoys playing basketball, soccer, tennis as well as skiing.

  • Virginie Kury General Manager

    The travel bug hit Virginie at a young age. She departed from her native Switzerland in her early 20s and lived in various places including Borneo, Bangkok and Barcelona. She worked in hospitality and aviation. She has been loyal to the Asian Trails family joining first the Vietnam team before taking up a position in our Bangkok office, to then manage the teams in Laos and more recently in Cambodia.

    A free-spirited person with a positive view on life, Virginie thoroughly enjoys a challenge and loves the chance to surpass herself and discover new things. Virginie is very dedicated to her responsibilities and delivering great guest experiences.

  • Chinda Ney Siem Reap Branch Manager

    Blessed with a kind heart for the less-fortunate and inspired by the smile of a guest, Chinda’s travel experiences has crossed many sectors yet it is the creativity of a Destination Management Company that truly fuels her desire to deliver expectations beyond the call of duty.

    Under her guidance, Cambodia’s most popular destination, Siem Reap, has flourished where she steers our team in an understanding and professional way. Chinda is an excellent example of a hands-on manager, eager to turn left where others turn right to explore the untrodden paths in a responsible and eco-friendly way.

  • Diego Santacroce Inbound Manager

    Drawn to the culture, the food, and its extensive travel opportunities, Diego’s decision to leave his hometown of Domodossola, Italy, in December 2009 with nothing but a suitcase and a one-way ticket paved the way towards Asian Trails. With ample working experience in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, his love for Cambodia does not go unnoticed.

    A colleague with a positive look on life, filled with exploratory ideas, and passionate for turning travel dreams into reality, Diego’s feel for what customers truly want has been his forte. Add to this his ever-present smile, and we have a colleague that works tirelessly to exceed travel expectations.

  • Xiaolin Zhang Managing Director

    For Xiaolin, China is a traveling playground of immense proportions, and her vast knowledge in putting extraordinary itineraries has made her our first Chinese national heading our team in this vast country. Since 2008, she has been an Asian Trails’ cornerstone of information, an example of how team spirit is pushing the boundaries, of what initially deems to be impossible, to tailored experiences in both leisure and incentive markets.

    Fluent in English and French, her operational and advisory skills for discerned travel professionals has seen our China operations grow beyond expectations. Aside from having a travel bug, you can find Xiaolin often being immersed in broadening her knowledge in Chinese history and art.

  • Simone Sturla Inbound and Business Development Manager

    Never shy of an adventure, Simone’s career has brought him all around the world. From his early days as guiding groups across South America and Africa to teaching guests the wondrous world below the ocean surface, his broader perspective of the world of tourism turned finally into an affectionate relationship with China.

    Originally from Italy, Simone has mastered the Chinese language to fluent levels and has called the world’s largest country his home for years. In his spare time, he enjoys diving deep into the world of ancient religions and philosophies as well keeping his advanced scuba skills up to date.

  • Annie Ding Head of Finance

    Annie’s financial acumen has gone from strength to strength since joined Asian Trails China. A key driver in assuring that our books are in order from all aspects, her interest in further exploring the other sides of the tourism industry has led to an even more prominent place in the daily operation of our business across her native China. Adapting to the changes in the word of accounting and financial analysis, Annie’s passion lies actually in connecting the dots and collecting the data to fully contribute to the success story. With close to 2 decades of accounting and financial experience in her pocket, she sees the travel industry, and the constant changes that come with it, as an added value to further expand her desire to learn.

  • Bjorn Schimanski Managing Director

    The drive and motivation for Bjorn to pursue a career in the tourism industry is because of the people. Obtaining a master degree in Sociology in Germany, adventure trails called out his name and from tour leading groups across the globe, he soon after decided to call Asia his home.

    A passionate traveler himself and fluent in English, German and Spanish, Bjorn commenced his managing director career in Laos before successfully taking over the helm in Indonesia. His ever-expanding knowledge of Asia, alongside his zest to put his team first when steering the company into new paths, has attributed to new collaborations beyond his own area of Asian Trails’responsibility.

  • Ratnasari  ‘Sari’  Harjono
    Ratnasari ‘Sari’ Harjono General Manager

    Sari’s long-term ‘marriage’ with Asian Trails Indonesia has made her one of the most respectable persons in our office. A dedicated, travel-minded professional since she graduated from colleague with a degree in tourism, her zest for exploration has turned into blending her managerial role throughout Indonesia with hiking, diving and venturing into the outer corners of her beloved Indonesia.

    Bali-based, Sari’s affectionate smile resonates on a daily basis across the office and her humble, yet approachable character is one of the cornerstones of the amicable atmosphere in all of our offices.

  • Ni Ketut Wirati Product Manager

    Knowing the ins and outs of Indonesia is her forte but also a must when taking up the position of Product Manager. Her in-depth knowledge has made Ni Ketut Wirati a very valuable source of information when creating, advising and quoting new products. Her enjoyment working with Asian Trails has not gone unnoticed: her loyal service and passion in delivering value-for-money products for our customers.

    She loves the art of negotiating with our suppliers and those offering auxiliary services and with a friendly demeanour, both inside and outside Asian Trails. She still is one of these examples that have embraced the Asian Trails culture to the fullest.

  • Phouangsy Phommixay Administration and Finance Manager

    Keeping the back office and accounting books neat and tidy under her supervising eye, Phouangsy has manned the back office since 2013 impeccably. Graduating from the United Kingdom with a degree in international management and accounting, her positive relationships with local accounting and taxation offices has been as much valued as how our customers are taken care for when exploring Laos.

    Vientiane-based, she is overseeing all financial transactions throughout our offices in the country with passion and precision, and delivering the needs in keeping everything within the legal brackets with a modest and humble human touch.

  • Santixay Vongsanghane Inbound Manager

    For more than a decade, Santixay and Asian Trails Laos have formed an almost inseparable bond. Starting as a file assistant in 2005, this energetic colleague with a compelling enthusiasm for all that is Laos has climbed the proverbial ladder over the years in an exemplary way.

    In his tenure as Inbound Manager, Santixay continues to set an example as driven by giving mindfulness service standards and thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs in detail and with Laos as a wonderful playing ground in crafting, he surely is eager to keep on learning. For him, the team spirit to achieve more together always prevails.

  • Vongsone Souphanthong Luang Prabang Branch Manager

    A local expert with an insurmountable thirst for serving our customers in Laos’ very own temple town, Mr Vongsone Souphanthong is an example of how years of experience, and moving effortlessly with the demands of the present explorer, is one of the main drivers of success. Our branch manager in Luang Prabang takes great pride in managing a team-driven with the same passion in exceeding expectations.

    Even after completing his tourism degree many years ago, Vongsone still enjoys his time in, around, and further into Laos serving our customers with a smile and Laotian hospitality. An avid reader when he is not out in the field or the office, we define Vongsone as a pioneer with extraordinary tourism qualities.

  • Emir Cherif Managing Director

    Responsible for all aspects of our Asian Trails operations in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Emir’s extraordinary achievements in managing and stimulating teams commenced in his native Switzerland with Kuoni. Since 2010, when putting on the captain’s hat at one of the groups most promising regions, his hands on involvement continues to further fine-tune all aspects of the business with a human touch.

    His dedication for service excellence continues his involvement in striving for child protection in tourism-related business, nature preservation and keeping the region’s beaches clean embraces his motto of sustainable operations in both his business role as well as a caring family man.

  • Julien Collot General Manager

    Following his dreams to pursue a career in hospitality from a very young age, Julien’s experiences crossed many time zones and the various aspects of the hospitality and tourism. From London to the Sultanate of Oman with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Julien learnt to become a pragmatic and understanding general manager with a natural aptitude for positiveness in his daily routine.

    Supporting Emir on various aspects of our operations, his sales and extensive hotel back ground have paved the way for innovative approaches in supporting our on-the-ground teams and customers from across the globe visiting Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Abu Fadzil Head of Operations and Customer Service

    To understand the travel industry, one has to travel and broaden one’s working experience beyond its country borders. The appointment of Abu as our head of operations and customer services ticked off all these boxes with ease. The passion he possesses, from his tour operating experiences in Europe to following the trends and customer service requirements of the current traveller, are well above par and have elevated our satisfaction levels to new heights.

    In alignment with his eye for detail and a zest to exceed expectations, Abu’s knowledge about the luxury market segment has been a great asset in developing our discerned product line since his appointment.

  • Thomas Carnevale Managing Director

    Embracing the motto ‘quality above quantity’ throughout his professional career in travel, encapsulated with his quest for wanderlust, Thomas has been our Asian Trails face since 2008 in Myanmar and still holding tight onto his philosophy.

    A fully-focused leader with seeing growth not only by numbers but also by personal and social development, his highly-respected position in the Burmese travel industry has seen doors being which otherwise remain closed for others. In his role of overseeing all aspects of our operations throughout Myanmar, he has steered the company in a sustainable direction in every aspect of the word since taking the helm.

  • Naw Eh May Htoo
    Naw Eh May Htoo General Manager

    May Htoo is living proof that when you set your mind to something, anything is achievable. From her humble beginnings in 2001 as a fresh graduate and trainee of one of the leading educational institutions in the country, her stellar mindset for this ‘rags-to-riches’ career growth has taken her up to the General Manager position.

    An explorer in its finest form, May Htoo ensures that service standards in her beloved Myanmar remain above par, steering her team and abilities through training and supervising our Burmese colleagues with a smile and the ability to positively motivate her peers.

  • Phyu Phyu Aung Finance Manager

    One of the pillars in our Burmese operation, Phyu Phyu Aung is an example of a perfectionist with a human touch when it comes to the financial aspects of running the company.

    Another veteran in the Burmese travel industry, and a long-time, respected employee in Asian Trails, it is her expertise and her knowledge of all accounting aspect that has kept the company on level with the rules and regulations of keeping the company out of the red. A sound leader with the capacity of taking solid business decisions for the betterment of the company, her work smart approach has gained a lot of respect within the company.

  • Marc Albert Managing Director

    Passion drives this tech-savvy travel professional.

    From the outer corners of jungle-clad Thailand to the untrodden paths of Laos, Marc’s roots are firmly planted in South-East Asia. He is living by his credo “A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step”, translated in his steady yet structured approach in taking the Thailand team to the next level of exceeding expectations.

    Active, a family man, and a keen reader, our native-Swiss chief of Asian Trails’ largest destination has proven to be a perfect fit. In Marc’s business philosophy, a corporate goal is infinite as there is always something new around the corner that complements our corporate vision.

  • Sirichit Pruksanubal General Manager

    Working tirelessly behind the screen since day one, Khun Sirichit’s vast experience in the inbound tourism industry has made her an invaluable asset to the every-changing environment in her native Thailand.

    Heading the administration, human resources and legal aspects of Asian Trails Thailand, her easy-to-approach character and deeply caring for the welfare of everyone under her proverbial wings have made her a mother figure for the team on the ground and in the office. Travel is in her blood from a young age and still, she enjoys exploring the natural wonders of the world when taking a break from her daily tasks.

  • Surapon Vutivakinsakul Product Manager

    With an ever-expanding knowledge on the ins and outs of his home country, little extra needs to be said about the stalwart support Surapon has provided during his Asian Trails’ career. As one of the first to join the Thailand team, Surapon is driven to exceed expectations and stay abreast of the latest product developments, spearheading the company’s sustainable efforts with continued zest and renewed energy.

    His decades of experience are now transferred over to the younger generation; as a well-respected travel trade alumni, involved in various tourism-related NGOs, Surapon now also fuels the interest of university graduates about the impact and diversity of tourism and destination management.

  • Bui Viet Thuy Tien Managing Director

    The majestic tourism landscape of Vietnam has kept our long-serving managing director on the prowl for travel novelties in her native country. Since 2001, Thuy Tien has been the architect behind the success story of Asian Trails and with multiple offices throughout the country, the quest for exceeding expectations continues to be her purpose in running the business.

    For her, the driving force of the tourism industry are the smiles, the people and being able to get out in her Vietnam to seek out new ventures, tailored to the demand of staying on top of the travel game.

  • Vu Thanh Binh Hanoi Brand Manager

    Our man in the capital since 2001, Vu Thanh Binh is no stranger of pulling up his sleeves and ensures he is there to do what it takes in supporting his team on the ground. One of our operational pillars in Vietnam since the inception of our Vietnam office, his interests primarily revolve around the ethnicity of the country’s culture, its natural treasures and sustainably designs travel products high in the north.

    A man that loves a good game of football and keen to stay abreast with anything new, eager to pursue his life’s philosophy that every day is a new day to learn something new.

  • Huyen Van Minh Da Nang Brand Manager

    One of the ‘seniors’ in our team of Vietnam travel experts, Huyen Van Minh joined the Asian Trails family in 2011 but a senior in steering his colleagues in the centre of the country to new heights. A highly amicable manager that has been entrusted by our partners to showcase the finest experiences in Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue and beyond the trodden paths.

    The human touch behind his managerial skills have certainly bore fruit throughout the years of his Asian Trails tenure which are accentuated by his tireless efforts to please our customers from beginning until the end.


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