An Asian Trails’ Day in the life of…

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An Asian Trails’ Day in the life of…

Sajith Krishnan – Regional Manager India, Middle East & Asia, Asian Trails

Dear friends and Industry Colleagues

We all are passing through such difficult times that we have never thought ever would have happened to us. We were all positive during the beginning of this year and very enthusiastic to set our goals to achieve our targets. None of us thought we would be tied up in our homes.

But I would like to view all the happenings in our life from a different perspective. I would like to view the brighter side this pandemic has got into our lives.

Personally, though we do have a lot of online works happening, I was able to dedicate my time to my wife and kids which I was not been able to do in my busy schedule while working and travelling around.

Till couple of months back we never thought of having virtual meet ups with our agents, industry colleagues and friends. With this lockdown, I was able to connect with all of them across the globe.

We started doing our weekly office meetings on a virtual platform. We even start having our weekend colleagues meetings virtually!

We started having a new way of living and we start adapting to it. We discovered a new normal in us.

Lastly I would like to wish my Industry colleagues, friends and well-wishers a safe stay during these difficult times and surely we will bounce back as a phoenix from the ashes.



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