Asian Trails China explores Beijing on hybrid bikes

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Asian Trails China explores Beijing on hybrid bikes

Asian Trails China celebrated Asian Trails’ 24th anniversary with an exhilarating cycling tour through Beijing’s historic Central Axis. The team explored the 750-year-old layout on hybrid pedal-electric-powered bikes, visiting 14 iconic sites and immersing themselves in the city’s rich history and culture.

The Central Axis is the best-preserved core area of the old city of Beijing. It’s a 7.8-kilometre-long line that connects prominent landmarks such as Yongdingmen, the former front gate of the outer city wall; the corner tower of the Forbidden City; the Bell & Drum Towers; and the scenic Shichahai area, featuring Qianhai, Xihai, and Houhai lakes. This urban layout embodies the “value of the centre” in traditional Chinese culture, influencing city planning and design with a belief in harmony between nature and humanity.

The morning ride culminated with a traditional Beijing hotpot lunch by the picturesque Houhai Lake, surrounded by charming hutongs (traditional narrow Chinese alleyways) and contemporary bars and restaurants. The team then returned to their starting point for coffee and refreshments.

Asian Trails China remains committed to promoting Sustainable Trails and enriching travel experiences as the Asian Trails group celebrates 24 years of excellence in the travel industry. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners, clients, and colleagues for their continued support. With China fully reopen, we look forward to welcoming visitors from across the world and are excited to show guests all the incredible wonders this vast country has to offer!

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