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Better connections with customers

The launch of Asian Trails’ new state-of-the-art B2B connectivity platform eConnect has taken our distribution channels to an entirely new level. Through our new partnership with travel industry technology provider 11Infotech, we are now able to connect with multiple channel managers. This has provided us with a new window of opportunity to offer hotels that give us both dynamic and static rates. Consequently, Asian Trails remains competitive for short-time lead periods and last minute bookings, as well as for longer lead booking windows. Furthermore, we can now offer instant online booking payments to our suppliers by automatically generating virtual credit cards.

Thanks to this new technological advantage, we have just signed our first regional agreement with one of the biggest hotel groups in the region — so all their properties in our destinations will be feeding rates and promotions to us in real time! Our customers now benefit from accessing competitive dynamic real-time rates, including exclusive promotions that can be seamlessly combined with our other services, with instant confirmation at the click of a switch.

Commenting on this exciting new development, Asian Trails’ Regional Sourcing Director Dídac Wipf said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with, and partner with, one of the key hotel groups in the region. This is a big step for Asian Trails towards online distribution. Our goal is to work exclusively with key partners to bring value-added online products to our clients.” We now look forward to a new era of providing more dynamic services for our valued clients. Join Asian Trails as we embark on a new digital journey!

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