Elevated exploration in China

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Elevated exploration in China

The neighbouring provinces of Qinghai and Gansu in north-central China take adventure and cultural discovery to an elevated level. Qinghai is a large, sparsely populated area spread across the high-altitude Tibetan Plateau. Gansu is home to Jiayuguan, a city renowned for its ancient antiquities.

For four days, intrepid tourists can hike, kayak and sleep at a homestay and absorb rich heritage. These two provinces contain some of China’s greatest must-see natural and man-made attractions.

The discovery starts with a ride from Qinghai’s provincial capital Xining to the Khamra National Park, a gateway to the Tibetan Plateau. Guests are treated to an authentic experience, with delicious local cuisine and overnights in traditional retreats. A tour highlight is a two-day kayaking trip down the Luchu River, the natural border between Qinghai and Gansu provinces.

Qinghai is a place of strong spiritual faith. Amne Machin, a 6,282-metres high peak, is a holy pilgrimage site for Buddhist devotees. The province is also home to Qinghai Lake, a deep blue body of water and the country’s largest inland body of water.

Gansu’s link to Silk Road traders left a legacy of Buddhist shrines, paintings and sculptures, plus a wealth of ethnic diversity. A highlight of this exploration is Labrang Monastery. This expansive site dates back to 1709 and it contains six colleges and 84 Buddha halls.

Exceptional activities are delivered on this tour by those who know these regions intimately. Be it interaction with venerable Chinese monks, or traversing an idyllic landscape on foot or by kayak – lifelong memories are guaranteed.

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