Ethnic immersion in Indonesia

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Ethnic immersion in Indonesia

Members of one of Indonesia’s most compelling traditional cultures, the Torajans are renowned for their elaborate funeral rites and burial sites carved into rocky cliffs.

The deep connection of this ethnic group with the spiritual world provides out-of-this-world experiences on this fascinating excursion. Interaction with these people, native to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, is further enhanced by the region’s magnificent rural landscape and participation in traditional handicrafts, including wood carving and weaving.

A short transfer from Palopo Airport to a quaint village near Nanggala signals the start of this four-day homestay package. The visual allure is immediate, with a journey through some of Sulawesi’s most spectacular scenery. The route takes in picturesque villages, with elaborately carved houses featuring boat-shaped roofs and elevated lush green rice terraces framed by jungle-clad hills.

This is a truly authentic and sustainable tour. Life is lived in the community so tourists gain an insight into age-old traditional practices. Activities include participation in local ceremonies, involvement in handicrafts and guided tours and exploration of hanging graves and ancient ceremonial burial sites. Interspersed with this rich cultural immersion, guests enjoy invigorating hikes and cycle rides on meandering trails that cut through an evergreen terrain of exceptional beauty.

Travel is all about connecting directly with the destination and its people and this exploration combines warm hospitality as guests eat, rest and play in the heart of the village. This home-sharing concept and days spent undertaking activities with the Torajans will leave captivating memories.

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