February festivals: Chinese New Year and Tet Vietnam

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February festivals: Chinese New Year and Tet Vietnam

As February approaches, various countries in Asia have begun preparations for the rich cultural festivals and traditions that will take place over the next few weeks. Two highlights in the cultural calendar include Chinese New Year on 10-17 February 2024 and Tet (Vietnam’s New Year Festival) on 8-14 February 2024.

Chinese New Year (10-17 February 2024)

With various celebrations taking place across the region, Chinese New Year is one of the most significant annual celebrations in China and Hong Kong. The major cities of mainland China typically come alive with dragon and lion dances. Colourful lanterns that illuminate the streets enhance the atmosphere. This is a time for families to reunite for elaborate feasts featuring symbolic dishes, such as dumplings for good luck and ‘longevity noodles’.

In Hong Kong, there is an evening parade with elaborate floats and spectacular fireworks light up the sky in the area around Victoria Harbour.

For more details about how to make the most of the festival this year, contact Asian Trails China and Hong Kong.

Tet Vietnam (8-14 February 2024)

Also in February, Vietnam will be immersed in the joyous celebrations of Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Tet marks a time for family reunions where people pay respects to their ancestors and enjoy traditional festive dishes such as banh chung (a square sticky rice cake) and gio lua (Vietnamese pork sausage).

In the lead-up to the festival, major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be adorned with colourful flowers and lights and visitors can take part in Tet markets, where flowers, traditional crafts and local delicacies are on display.

For more information about travelling during the festival, contact Asian Trails Vietnam.

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