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New digital guide showcases responsible travel options

Asian Trails’ commitment to increasing the variety, volume and uptake of our sustainable products is showcased in a new online brochure.

The first of our Explore series is focused on sustainability initiatives in Vietnam, with a roll-out of our other destinations over 2024.

Due to an upward trend in sustainable and responsibly-oriented travel inquires in recent years, we know how important it is for agents to have up-to-date, accurate information at their fingertips in order to provide the best possible services to our valued customers.

Specifically curated for travel agents and tour operators, this digital destination guide is designed to enhance understanding, communicate key details about Vietnam and add effective elements of responsible travel inspiration to tailor-made trip planning.

We have handpicked some of the most attractive, affordable and impactful travel experiences, options and services that showcase Vietnam for first-time or repeat travellers so they can save precious research time.

Readers will discover how inspired approaches to product design can yield positive social and environmental impacts, how sustainable travel options are very easily accessible and how this approach does not have to be costly.

Our design experts have included recommendations for restaurants, accommodation, transportation and activities from their own tried and tested visits. We have done the leg work so our clients can undertake seamless tourism.

All of Explore’s content adheres to Asian Trails’ ESTEEM principles: Eat locally, Stay eco-friendly, Transport alternatively, Experience meaningfully, Empower viably, Make a difference. You can read more about these principles here.

Asian Trails’ Group Sustainability Manager Ameer Virani said: “Selling more sustainable products is Asian Trails’ number one sustainability priority. This is for the simple reason that, as a travel company, our core business is to sell travel products. Therefore, the only way for us to be a genuinely more sustainable company is to make the products we sell more sustainable.

“As with many destinations, there is a lack of understanding around exactly how visitors can travel more sustainably while in the destination. Although flying less and staying at eco-resorts are great for sustainable travel, there are many other more convenient ways for the average visitor to travel more sustainably.

“Our destinations in Asia have an abundance of small businesses owned by local community members selling food and other products, as well as operating small-scale travel experiences. Supporting these small, local businesses is a great way to travel sustainably in the country.

“Through these Explore guides, we want to show that travelling more sustainably is not complicated or expensive, and it even enhances the visitor experience. A win-win situation”.

Browse our Explore Guides:

Our expert teams are on stand-by to answer further questions or elaborate on the information provided. For more details, please contact our teams at Asian Trails.

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