Green sanctuary within Hanoi’s urban sprawl


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Green sanctuary within Hanoi’s urban sprawl

A new Asian Trails’ excursion takes guests to a peaceful oasis in the centre of Hanoi so they can gain respite from the capital’s frenetic environment.

Exploration of Hoan Kiem Lake provides interaction with residents, immersion into local culture, opportunities to taste delicious Vietnamese cuisine and watch traditional theatre shows. The best place to explore this serene green sanctuary is in the early evening and at weekends when a community leisure vibe pervades. Elderly residents descend to practise T’ai chi exercises on the lakeside, joggers pound the pathways and families enjoy picnics in shaded areas.

Our guided tour takes in these domestic scenes, as well as famed attractions such as 18th century Ngoc Son Temple, a shrine dedicated to a war hero who defeated 300,000 Mongolian invaders in the 13th century and the iconic bright red Huc Bridge, a symbol of Hanoi.

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