Nature’s healing power revealed on Bali tour

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Nature’s healing power revealed on Bali tour

Nature’s healing power is unveiled on an enlightening two-hour trek in Bali’s lush and fertile interior.

Providing a completely different ambiance from the island’s cosmopolitan beach resorts, guests are taken to rural Bayad village to get an insight into flora used to treat a wide range of ailments. Some of these plants also provide a sense of wellbeing and they have been used across the island long before alternative treatments became fashionable in the global spa industry.

Guests observe a Balinese holistic healing practitioner create curative potions from native herbs and spices, such as boreh for aches and pains. The countryside area that yields this vegetation can only be accessed on foot, so this Asian Trails’ tour enables a true connection with nature.

This programme is part of our Sustainable Trails’ packages that advocate responsible tourism approaches.

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