Head back in time to Penang’s past

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Head back in time to Penang’s past

George Town’s abundance of historical buildings, in easily accessible heritage districts, has made it a dream destination for urban explorers.

Visitors can journey back in time in this UNESCO-listed city. Named after British King George III, Penang’s capital features a blend of commanding colonial government sites, imposing Islamic mosques, ornate Hindu temples and picturesque Chinese shophouse quarters. Iconic landmarks, such as Fort Cornwallis and Kapitan Keling Mosque, provide a picture of the island’s rich history. A leisurely walking tour enables the profusion of architectural styles, street art and religious shrines to be viewed in close proximity.

A new Asian Trails’ excursion, guided by an expert historian, reveals intriguing tales of clan families and Peranakans who married locals and created a food and fashion boom. Even better, the route takes in George Town’s famed street hawkers.

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