Mountain biking in Yogyakarta

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Mountain biking in Yogyakarta

From the slopes of Mount Merapi to idyllic forests, fruit farms and local plantations, Yogyakarta’s countryside presents the perfect backdrop for memorable mountain biking trails.

Visitors to Yogyakarta are often dazzled by the city’s colourful traditions, as well as historical landmarks such as the 18th century Sultan’s Palace, known as the kraton, where Javanese music, dance and culture are displayed in all their richness and vibrancy.

For those with time to explore, we recommend going beyond the city to discover authentic village life and agricultural traditions that lie just beyond the beaten path. Hop on a mountain bike and blaze a trail down the side of Mount Merapi, an active volcano, and pass by tropical forests and orchards where local farmers grow snake fruits and rear goats. Further along the route, you come across the multi-tiered Watu Purbo Waterfall and pass by scenic rice paddy views.

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