Sustainable Khmer crafts

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Sustainable Khmer crafts

Discover woodcarving, ceramics, silver-making and other Khmer craft traditions that date back to the time of the Angkorian Empire, over seven centuries ago. Fair Trade Village, which lies just outside of town, off the main road leading to Angkor Wat, is the only dedicated space in Siem Reap that showcases authentic, Cambodian-made crafts – all certified by the Angkor Handicraft Association.

Featuring over 20 craft enterprises by artisans across Cambodia, this community workshop and craft centre offers an insight into the nation’s deep-rooted artistic traditions. For those interested in Cambodian handicrafts, this is a great place to discover unique local designer pieces or meet skilled artisans who spend their days crafting wooden masks, fashioning Khmer jewellery or weaving intricate silk textiles. With over three thousand items on display, visitors can enjoy a sustainable shopping experience and have a positive impact while also helping to support local village industries.

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